Pre- Driving Assessments


What is a Pre-Driving Assessment?

Driving is one of the most cognitively and physically demanding tasks a person can do. It involves skills such as:

  • Attention

  • Reaction Time

  • Memory

  • Executive Functioning

  • Judgment

  • Decision Making

  • Spatial Awareness

  • Perceptual Skills

  • Visual Processing

  • Vision

  • Range of Motion

  • Flexibility

  • Gross Motor Movements

A pre-driving assessment is an off-road assessment that assesses the physical and cognitive demands of driving. The skills assessed are then related to how they would affect a person’s ability to drive.

An assessment may be required to ensure safe driving into a person’s later years, or after a health event such as a stroke or brain injury.

Our goal at Enable Health is to ensure that you are safe on the road, and an assessment can provide peace of mind for yourself, your physician, or your loved ones that you can meet the demands of driving.


What to Expect 

  • The assessment takes place at our clinic in the Brentwood Area. We understand that it is natural to be a bit nervous, so we recommend that you relax and try to get a good night’s sleep the night before the assessment. None of the tasks you will be asked to do are designed to trick you or be overly difficult. All of the assessment items are designed to provide you and your doctor with information regarding the skills that are required to safely drive.

  • You will sit down with your Occupational Therapist at the beginning where they explain the full assessment procedure and answer any questions you may have.

  • You will be asked to perform a series of physical assessment items that assess your range of motion, reaction time, and gross motor skills.

  • You will then be asked to complete a series of worksheets, and answer a series of questions that are used to assess vision, judgment, memory, executive functioning, and visuospatial awareness.

  • Depending on how quickly you move through the assessment items, this process can take anywhere from one to three hours.

  • From this assessment, your occupational therapist will make recommendations regarding whether you demonstrate the physical and cognitive skills necessary to drive, whether certain strategies or limitations should be used, or whether a person may need to consider retirement from driving.

  • Your Occupational Therapist will then provide you with a formal written report that you can take to your doctor that explains the results of the assessment. Report writing is billed at same rates as occupational therapy assessment and treatment.

  • The report will allow you and your doctor to have an informed discussion regarding your physical and cognitive functioning and how that may relate to driving.

* Occupational Therapy is a regulated health care profession governed by the Alberta College of Occupational Therapists. Our services are covered in whole, or in part by most benefits or insurance plans. Check with your provider for your specific coverage. All Enable Health Therapists with have completed a Master’s Degree Level of Training.