Having to go in to the hospital is stressful for both you and your family. Coming home from hospital can be even more stressful as you may not feel ready, or may have difficulty performing the tasks you were able to do prior to your hospital admission. 

With our Hospital Discharge Planning program, we aim to minimize this stress and help you transition back home as smoothly as possible. It is our goal for you to return home confident and with the peace of mind that you can manage your day to day activities, and get back to your regular routines. 


What to Expect 

  • Prior to being discharged from hospital, your occupational therapist will meet with you and/or your family, to ensure your home is set up with equipment or modifications to help you transition home well. Your occupational therapist can liaise with the hospital staff to ensure your discharge from hospital goes as smoothly as possible. 

  • When possible, your occupational therapist will meet with you within 24 hours of your hospital discharge. 

  • Once you have been discharged from hospital, your occupational therapist will meet with you in your home for an assessment. They will assess your ability to perform the tasks you need to do at home, such as:

    • dressing 

    • bathing

    • toileting

    • grooming 

    • cooking 

    • grocery shopping 

    • transportation 

    • return to work or school 

    • any other meaningful activities to you! 

  • From this assessment, your occupational therapist will make recommendations and guide you on how to use adaptive strategies and/or equipment to help regain your independence throughout your recovery.

  • A formal written report can be provided if requested. Report writing is billed at same rates as occupational therapy assessment and treatment.

* Occupational Therapy is a regulated health care profession governed by the Alberta College of Occupational Therapists. Our services are covered in whole, or in part by most benefits or insurance plans. Check with your provider for your specific coverage. All Enable Health Therapists with have completed a Master’s Degree Level of Training.

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