Home Safety Assessments


What is a Home Safety Assessment?

At Enable Health, our goal is to help you remain safe and independent in your own home. A Home Safety Assessment is a thorough assessment where your occupational therapist will come to your home and complete a comprehensive functional and home safety assessment. They will identify equipment, modifications, strategies and recommendations that will reduce the risk of falls or other accidents that may cause injury.

Benefits of getting a home safety assessment include peace of mind for both you and your family members and knowing that your home is set up according to your abilities. This will allow you to live safely and independently in your home.


Areas of the home included in the assessment are:

  • Kitchen

  • Dining Areas

  • Bedrooms

  • Hallways

  • Living-room/Family-room

  • Study/Den

  • Bathrooms

  • Stairways

  • Entrances to Homes

  • Garage

  • Vehicles

  • Backyard and Front yard


What to Expect

  • On the day of the assessment, your occupational therapist will meet with you in your home.

  • During the assessment you will be asked a variety of questions about how you perform your daily activities in your home and to demonstrate how you perform some of these tasks. This will provide valuable information to the therapist that will help customize recommendations that will meet your individual needs.

  • Results of the assessment and any recommendations will be discussed with you at the conclusion of the assessment. You and your occupational therapist will collaborate to decide which recommendations you would like to proceed with.


Recommendations may include:

  • Equipment prescription.

  • Home modifications.

  • Adaptive techniques and strategies for independent living.

  • Referral to other services as needed.

  • For any recommendations that require additional and ongoing support, your occupational therapist is available to you to assist with things such as equipment implementation, home modification, or therapeutic intervention.

  • A formal written report can be provided if requested. Report writing is billed at same rates as occupational therapy assessment and treatment.


* Occupational Therapy is a regulated health care profession governed by the Alberta College of Occupational Therapists. Our services are covered in whole, or in part by most benefits or insurance plans. Check with your provider for your specific coverage. All Enable Health Therapists with have completed a Master’s Degree Level of Training.