Equipment Prescription


Home safety and mobility equipment prescription

Either through illness, injury, or aging, we at Enable Health understand that losing your mobility can mean losing your independence. We make it our goal to help you regain your mobility, and your independence as much as possible. There are so many different options out there for safety or mobility equipment that it is easy for someone to become overwhelmed. Our therapists take a caring and client-centred approach to answer your questions, assist with navigating the options, and assist you to make the right choices that will best meet your goals.


what to expect

Your occupational therapist will meet with you in your home environment or in the community at a medical equipment vendor’s store.

  • Your occupational therapist will perform an initial assessment with you where we will discuss your medical history, how you are getting around in both your home environment as well as in your community, as well as your mobility goals. We will also perform a functional mobility assessment as needed to obtain more information about how you are moving.

  • Once we have worked with you to decide on your goals, we will contact medical equipment vendors, and any funding agencies to help you obtain any mobility devices or wheelchairs that you may need.

  • If appropriate, we can design a program to assist you with rehabilitating to regain lost mobility, or to maintain your mobility.

  • Your occupational therapist is available for further assessment or treatment as needed.


* Occupational Therapy is a regulated health care profession governed by the Alberta College of Occupational Therapists. Our services are covered in whole, or in part by most benefits or insurance plans. Check with your provider for your specific coverage. All Enable Health Therapists with have completed a Master’s Degree Level of Training.